Value added services

interact with your viewers worldwide.
Value added services, which include short messaging service (SMS), Voting and IVR constitute an important item of income for any satellite channel, and in this context, the technical team in"Sat Channel"persistent to develop these services and diversification to provide technical solutions contribute to achieve the greatest possible return for the TV channel either for new channels that we created or already working channels and seeks to add new services to meet the needs for programmatic and viewers to raise rates overall income.

what SAT BROADCAST can do?.

ON-air graphics aplication:
1. Supply the necessary equipment to come out and control the Logo and channel`s bars,as well as on air graphics with different models
2. Provide our customers with applications to control logo and bars.

Short Codes:
1. Sat Channel has extensive relations with Short codes providers worldwide, Which means that you will deal with one hand, and to get all the solutions required.
2. We work remotly,wherever the headquarters of the channel in any place over the world.
3. We offer our customer innovative ideas for SMS , IVR services,we as implementation of the ideas presented.

Note: this service is only available to SAT BROADCAST customers with an active satellite channel.

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Value added services

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