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How do I start my own tv station or satellite channel?
First of all you have to determine which tv station or satellite channel you want to start.

Before start your satellite tv channel think about the content.
determine which content you want to broadcast and the way you want to interact with your viewers, do you want to broadcast live programs and tv shows, do you want to broadcast pre recorded programs and tv shows? Or you want to broadcast information,advertising and chat ?
the content itself doesn't define the cost, but how you want to broadcast tis content, Live,Recorded or Slide and text
Once you define a content and broadcast system you can jump into step 2.

Know everything about the technical and financial issues related to your upcoming satellite channel.
After you have determined the purpose of your satellite channel, learn about how much your channel costs will be , learn about management system,and how will you manage your channel, will you manage it remotely via internet, fiber or IP? Do your channel will need for tv studio or your channel will depend on ready made content? Do your channel will need an organizational structure and how many employee ? or your satellite channel will only depend on you as one man show?! learn about broadcasting system and how your channel you will be connected to the main server and the teleport.
Learn about how will you market your channel, you will find a wide range of marketing and advertising mediums approximately free, so, you can make traffic and revenue.
Page oreder for our comprehensive technical and financial eBook from scratch until signal delivery and management.

make your decision and go run.
After you know every thing about your satellite channel from A to Z,at this moment you can make your decision and whether you will start live or pre recorded or Slide TV channel regarding your budget first, and the way you are willing to broadcast your content with.

How many employee I will need to manage and operate my own satellite channel?
A s mentioned before, it depends on your what your channel broadcasting system is, Live or automation ar slide tv, in some cases you may be able to operate your channel yourself independently if you have some skills in design and pc, in other cases you may need only 2 persons or more or less, as below .
  1. Live channel need for an organizational structure depends on a variety of factors.
  2. Pre recorded channel need for very limited organizational structure .
  3. Slide TV no need for any organizational structure.

What equipment is required for satellite channel?
It depends on the channel type, if you talk about live programs satellite channel, it will need for control room and playout center broadcast equipment vary in cost " standard-medium-low",
see our technical and financial eBook feasibility study covers this issue.
if you talk about pre recorded programs or slide satellite channel, no need for any equipment.

how long time does it take to run my satellite channel?
To run a live programs channel, it takes approximately 2 months to supply and install the broadcast equipment to build control room.
To run a pre recorded or slide TV channel it takes one maximum week.

What can I do if I getting started with slide tv and decided to upgrade to video channel?
Yes, you can upgrade your slide tv channel to video channel contact Booking center and ask for upgrade your channel , it takes 2 business days to be process after making payment of upgrade.


What video formats can I work with?
You can work with all video formats (.wmv, .mov, mp4, mv4, avi, mpg, etc.) our transcoding system can encode your video into any format required,in addition, our broadcast system is so reliable and the video quality looks like original.

Is there a charge to SAT Channel to manage and operate a channel?
Yes, but the per channel management fees are reasonably priced, and are based on whether the channel is live or pre recorded , read about this job.

why should i work with SAT Broadcast?
  1. All our services are completed by a professional operators.
  2. We working with different bandwidth sizes from 1.0 mbps to 3.0mbps for a very low cost,
  3. All our space segment are CBR.
  4. We offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the Procedures to start channel with SAT Broadcast?
determine which type of channel you want to run “Live-Prerecorded-Slide”.
Order our technical and financial eBook feasibility study to learn everything about your satellite channel from scratch until signal delivery and management technically and financially.
After deciding to run, please contact our Booking center to processed to run your channel

What services does SAT Channel provide to start a FTA satellite channel?
As a global provider of broadcast over satellite solutions, SAT Broadcast is turnkey project provider, SAT Broadcast plans and implements establishment of your satellite channel from scratch.
  1. We start with you from the idea, offering our technical and financial eBook feasibility study to learn you everything about your channel technically and financially, then after you are ready we provide you with total services and solutions,
  2. We dedicate space segment "frequency" for your channel on the satellite to broadcast on from 1mbps to 3mbps,
  3. We provide you with playout remote management,so you can manage and control your channel from anywhere at anytime.
  4. We offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.