TV Channel management

We are working with our clients to help them to plan, implement and manage their satellite channels.
When we think of satellite channel management, we generally think about either television studio, presenters, server or video and audio content.
However, we rarely talk much about the technical issues.
We offer tv channel management service
We work with our clients to plan, implement and manage both existing and upcoming satellite channels, delivering them in a more cost effective way while not sacrificing quality.
Below are the services we provide to help you in this side:
  1. Daily playlist.
  2. Designing and implementing channel identity.
  3. Video server operating.
  4. Monitoring.
  5. Production coordination.

We offer onsite training.
Looking for a cost effective way to train 5 or more people? Onsite training is a great solution for many satellite channels. With training dollars being stretched more than ever, you get maximum value with an onsite training.
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Satellite Distribution

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Go Live

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