Why​​ U​s ?​​​​​​


SAT BROADCAST is a leading services provider for setting up and operating of satellite channels with unmatched capabilities and a history of building insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results for new and upcoming satellite tv channels.

Turnkey solution.
SAT BROADCAST provides a comprehensive solution to launch a new satellite channel from scratch until signal test, including satellite space segment on all satellites currently in operation like, Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, also, remote playout managment.

Key Features.
  1. We offer our customers a full satellite channel project, "turnkey", which means that the client will handle with one hand with everything related to the project from the idea, contracting and until signal delevery.
  2. We provide our customers with ongoing technical support team 24 hours a day, which means that there will not be a technical problem unresolved.
  3. We offer our customers alternatives solutions meet their needs wither live and pre-recorded prohramming,by remote control facilities and a development plan for the future.
  4. We offer our customers a competitive prices compared to the services and facilities provided for each satellite channel.